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General Terms And Condition

The Subscriber agrees to take the connection being provided by M/s Prayag Broadband Pvt. Ltd. Prayagraj (UP) On the following terms and conditions: –

~”PBPL” or “The company” means Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd(CIN :U74999UP2017PTC097356) having its Registered office at Plot no 281, Chakbabura Alimabad, Triveni Nagar, Naini, Prayagraj-211010.

~”Services” means Broadband Internet service, ILL or other value added services as advertised & offered by PBPL.

~”CAF” shall mean this document/agreement containing terms and conditions on which PBPL is offering its services.

~“Customer” shall mean any person who subscribes to the internet access services by accepting and signing this CAF for the provision of Services.

~ “CPE” means the customer Premises Equipment(s) installed by PBPL at Customer’s premises, which is owned by PBPL and is provided to the customer on right to use basis only.

T & C apply for unlimited broadband home plans.

1. Tariff /Charges for the plans chosen are to be paid in advance and such charges are not refundable as this is a prepaid services.
2. Installation charges on Fiber depend on Location.
3. GST @ 18% is not included in the tariff/ charges and is payable over and above the plan charges.
4. The Tariff Plans/Offers are subject to Guidelines/Directions/Orders issued by TRAI and/or DoT.
5. The Company shall reserve the rights to modify/withdraw this T&C including but limited to tariff plans and display the same in its website without notice to the Customer and such posting will be deemed to have been read by the the Customer.
6. Any one time charges paid to Prayag Broadband at the time of installation are non refundable.
7. Company may extend refund to User only for his first payment in case of no-feasibility for building new connection to requested address.
8. Online refund may be extended to the User, when the transaction is incomplete, in the sense that the User’s plan is not renewed, but online payment has been generated.
9. Interest free security deposit to be refunded after return of assets in the same condition at the time of receipt.
10. ONU/CPE to be returned to a “person” appointed by Prayag Broadband.
11. Any fault in ONU to be replaced by Prayag Broadband within 2 working days from the time of raising complaint with Prayag Broadband.
12. Replacement of ONU due to upgrade / downgrade be done by Prayag Broadband within 5 working days from the time of raising request with Prayag Broadband.
13. Refund to be processed to the bank account provided at the time of registration or to the bank account / wallet linked to the phone number registered with Prayag Broadband. No other bank account to be used for refunds. Cash and Cheque not to be used for customer refund.
14. The ONU/CPE devices provided by Prayag Broadband against a security deposit will remain a property of Prayag Broadband Broadband Pvt Ltd at all times.
15. The speed committed under a plan is till the LAN port. WiFi Speed is subject to customer premises in-house coverage & customer premises device performance.
16. The Company shall reserve the rights to modify/withdraw any promotional campaign along with offered gratification (if any) and display the same in its website without notice to the Customer and such posting will be deemed to have been read by the the Customer.
17. Basis for selection of winners under any promotional campaign held by Prayag Broadband, is on the Companies sole discretion.
18. By submitting your information and/or contacting us through any medium like phone call, social networking channels, website, etc, you agree to receive any promotional messages, material and be contacted by Prayag Broadband.
19. All mentioned plans are subject to change or discontinuation without prior information.
20. Not all offered prices are available on renew and not all are available across the nation.
21. In CPE/ONU Burnt/Hardware Damage case custmore has to pay as per current charges.
22. In case of Adapter and Wire/OFC fault at Custmor Premises is chargebale 350Rs.
23. Zero activation/Security charges on advance Half/yearly payment for plans Rs. 999 and above.
24. Fiber Activation charges Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 3500/- (Subject to feasibility).
25. Wireless Activation charges Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 15000/- (Subject to feasibility).
26. Traffic Management policy applies to all domestic broadband packages. These packages are not suitable for business usage.
27. Wireless subscribers will get upto 100 Mbps download speed or all Feasibility in all plans due to frequency interference.
28. 1 Month specifies 30 days.
29. It is clarified and stated that this benefit is only meant for personal and non-commercial use, and is not intended for any commercial use, or special or enterprise plans. The Fair Usage Policy for the unlimited plans is capped at 3333 GB post which customers can enjoy unlimited speeds at 1024 KBPS.
30. Dispute arises if any in between the parties will be resolved within Prayagraj jurisdiction.
31. Upon Activation of services we assume that you know and accept our Terms and Condition.
32. Security Refund Will be not initiated after 30Days of last recharge.
33. Security Deposit Will be valid on continous recharge only if failed to recharge in 15days of expiry it will be considered lapsed .

Agrement on CAF During Registartion

1. Registration charges / Activationcharges/Re- Activation charges / Installation charges / Monthly Bandwidth Rental charges / Advance Rentals /GST / Other Value-AddedServices charges / Shifting charges / Repairing charges etc. shall be charged as agreed upon between Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd and the Subscriber.
a). Besides rentals, additional charges for value added services as applicable, shall be payable by the subscriber on monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis as billed by PBPL.
b). Connection,Activationand installationcharges are Non-refundableunder any circumstances.
(c). 18% surcharge shall be charged on bill amount towards GST or as applicable as per the Indian Law.
(d). Connection will be installed within a period of 30 days from date of accepting the CAF
(e). Amount once received shall not be returned.
(f) PBPL will provide upto 30 meters of Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) length for connectivity to the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), from “Floor Distribution Point” (FDB). For any additional OFC Customer shall be charged @ Rs.15-/meter.
(g). Installationand Shifting of connection is permissible within the jurisdiction of PBPL service Area the location of the Terminal point. Installation andShifting charges Rs. 3500/- or more (subject to feasibility) shall be charged each time within operational area of the services on ofc. In case of wireless link if tower required to be shifted, addl. charges Approx. 10,000/- per section of 10 ft or more will be levied accordingly. Any theft or damage due to natural calamities to the network eqpt shall be at the complete risk and cost of the subscriber.
(h). PBPL will restore any CPE related Service problem at no cost to the Customer, given that the CPE malfunction is not due to any mishandling by the Customer. In case the Service problem is due to CPE being damaged by the Customer, knowingly or unknowingly, then PBPL shall charge the Customer the CPE replacement fee of Rs. 5000 (Rupees Five Thousand Only) or the actual cost of CPE, whichever is higher.

2.(a).Subscriber will pay bill issued by PBPL for rentals charges on or before “Pay by date’’, failing which Prayag Broadband Pvt. Ltd shall have the right to disconnect the services.
(b) All internet services are prepaid and connection will be automatically closed in case of non-payment. All bills should be paid in full. Part payment towards the same is not acceptable.
(c). The Levy of additional surcharge on delayed payments of bill for services will be applicable, in case the bills to be paid by the subscriber to Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd as per the rates decided byPrayag Broadband Pvt Ltd from time to time.
(d). The payment of the bill will be accepted by the authorized personnel in the office of Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd by Cash / Cheque / Draft in favor of ‘’Prayag Broadband Pvt. Ltd.’’ Payable at Prayagraj.(Outstation and Postdated cheques are not accepted) There should be one cheque / draft for each bill separately. Connection Number and date of Bill may please be mentioned at the back of the cheque / draft. Proper receipt to be obtained by the subscribers for payment.
(e). Disconnection due to Non-Payment the service will be disconnected if the bill is not paid on or before ‘’ Pay by Date’’ or if the cheque rendered for payment is dishonored by bank. No reminder will be issued. This is without prejudice to any action that might be taken for disconnection of the service for non-payment in time. Cheque dishonor charges Rs. 500/- shall be charged each time.
(f). After disconnection on account of Non-Payment, connection will be restored, on clearance of all outstanding dues (which includes bill amount, surcharge, cheque dishonor charges, reconnection charges, etc. As may be applicable). Restoration charges of Rs. 500/- will be charged from the first day of disconnection of service. If the dues are not paid within 2 months from the date of disconnection the connection will be treated as permanently closed and may not be restored. Rental and minimum service charges for the period the services remain disconnected will be payable in all cases. Equipment and accessories will be withdrawn being as property of Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd on disconnection.

3.(a). The service is terminable either by Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd or subscriber by giving one month notice in writing to that effect under the normal circumstances.
(b). The DOT reserves the right to take over the entire services and network of the licensee revoke / terminate / suspend the license in the interest of National security or in the event of Natural Emergency / War Law intensity conflict type of situations. The subscriber shall not sublet the services provided by PBPL.
(c). All charges are subject to revision byPrayag Broadband Pvt Ltd from time to time and terms & conditionsare subject to modifications / directions / instructions of the Department of Telecommunication or the Government as may be application from time to time.
(d). All instruments, cables, lines, connection numbers, equipment’s and wires, towers shall be the absolute property of Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd Hence subscriber are not authorized to change or transfer the same without or written permission of company. The Customer shall immediately inform PBPL of any damage/loss/theft of any equipment provided to the Customer by PBPL and shall be liable for all charges/cost towards the repair /replacement of the same.

(e). If the service is interrupted at any time during continuance of this service an account of unforeseen Events like earthquake, landandorder, disturbance on acct of terrorist activities, riots or other acts of God, neither party will be entitled to terminate the arrangements but rebate in rentals as per relevant Rules will be provided.
4. PBPL will not be liable to give any rebate or compensation in billing due to fault in lines /technical fault in control room /unforeseen event. In case of connection line faults any rental rebate will be given as per rules, and the party has to inform regarding rebate in writing at Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd Bill amount bill be subsequently discounted in the next bill. Any damage to eqpt /peripherals due to natural calamities, damage cost will be borne by the customer.

5. The Customer shall not change/alter/modify the CPE installed in its premises by PBPL or its agents/ business associates, without prior written approval from PBPL. Any change /alteration /modification in the CPE without the prior written approval of PBPL shall be deemed to be unauthorized and violative of the terms and conditions and shall entail immediate disconnection /de-activation /termination of Services.

6. PBPL reserves the right to introduce/withdraw/extend any Scheme(s) at its discretion from time to time, and such Scheme(s) will have a specific validity period within which the Customer can subscribe to them.

7. Any variation of government levies and charges by DOT shall be applicable to the subscriber account without prior notice. Any notice, which may be given by Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd under this arrangement, shall be deemed to have duly given, if delivered at the said premises or if sent by Registered post to the subscriber’s usual or last known address. Earthing and provisioning of spike/lightening arrester be arranged by customer to their premises.

8. (a). Disputes if any are subject to Prayagraj Jurisdictions only.
(b) In case of any disputes regarding the arrangement, the decision of Prayag Broadband Pvt Ltd shall be final and binding on the subscriber.
(c). Any dispute arising between PBPL and the subscriber for non-payment of outstanding dues against the subscriber, the matter shall be referred to a single arbitrator to be appointed by PBPL and its decision shall be final and binding on both the parties.

9. The Public IP address allocation will be as perpolicyof APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center, Australia), IRINN and PBPL and subject to availability with PBPL. The IP Address will follow be allocated as per PBPL policy and as per the product specifications.

10. If Voice over Internet (VoIP) be used, customer should agree to comply to the below mentioned points:
(a). Will use Voice over Internet as per the ITSP license which states Internet Telephony as a service to process and carry voice signals can be offered through public Internet by use of Personal Computer (PC) or IP based Customer Premises Equipment’s (CPE) connecting the following only:
(i) PC to PC; within or outside India
(ii) PC in India to Telephone outside India
(iii) IP based H.323 / SIP Terminals connected directly to ISP nodes to similar terminals; within or outsideIndia.
(b). Addressing scheme for Internet telephony shall only conform to IP Addressing Scheme of Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) exclusive of National Numbering Scheme plan applicable to subscribers of Basic/cellular telephone Service.
(C). Termination device details (Please tick one): a. Voice gateway / Router with Analog Handsets B. Voice gateway with PAX connectivity (Without any PSTN interconnection) c. Direct termination on from router to handsets d.Soft Phonee. IP Phone f. Anyother .

11. As per the License obligations and conditions thereof I/We hereby agree for the prohibition of the under mentione dactivities as part of Internet Telephony:
(a) Voice communication from anywhere to anywhere by means of dialing a telephone number (PSTN/ISDN/PLMN) as defined in National Numbering Plan is not permitted.
(b) Originating the voice communication service from a Telephone in India is not permitted.
(c) Terminating the voice communication to Telephone within India is not permitted.
(d) Establishing connection to any Public Switched Network in India and/or establishing gateway between Internet & PSTN/ ISDN/PLMN in India is not permitted.
(e) Any hardware/software which are identified as unlawful and/or render network security vulnerable shall not be used. (f) Will not misuse the connection in any manner in violation of the law of land.

12. Prayag Broadband Pvt. Ltd anditsAssociates/ Partners the right to:

(a). Visit the Customer Premises and verify the validity of above stated information at any time during the Service Contract Period unhindered and without prior notice.
(b). Take corrective action in case of misuse of the Service or breach of any Applicable Law, which include but is not limited to blocking of offending traffic, termination of Service after giving due notice and reporting the incident to appropriate Authorities.
(c). Monitor the utilization pattern, traffic for regulatory compliance.
(d). Take any further action which it deems fit in the circumstances to ensure compliance with Applicable Law.
(e). The decision of Prayag Broadband Pvt. Ltd or its associates shall be final. Any damage of tower and eqpt in client complex will be recover by the customer.
(f). All advance payments are only for lock inperiod and NO refund will be made. However, in case of dispute Rs 3500 + taxes or more will be charged against activation charges. Thereafter only the balance amount will be paid back after deducting Govt charges on the entire amount.

13. Any Wi-Fi Connectivity deployed by subscriber has to be activated only after it is registered for centralized authentication with Prayag Broadband in compliance DOT Letter No.820-1/2008-DS Pt. dated 23-02-2009.

14. The Customer undertakes to indemnify and hold PBPL harmless against any liability, which may arise on account of the Customer’s act of omission or commission.

15. The Customer agrees to comply, at all times, with all applicable laws, bye-laws, rules, regulation,order, direction, notification, etc., of the Government/ Court/ Tribunals/ DOT/ TRAI /Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended and shall also comply with all the direction issued by PBPL which relate to the network, the Services, equipment, or connected matter and provide PBPL with all information and co -operation as reasonably required.

16. The Customer agrees that it shall not communicate, send, transmit, download or in any way deal with any objectionable messages or communications, which are inconsistent with the established laws of India, over the network offered and established for providing the Services.
Customer shall not resort to hacking, cracking, spamming, bulk messaging, destroying, defaming or corrupting any sites/user(s) on the Internet or on PBPL’s network, nor shall it indulge in any of the offences, more specifically defined under the Information Technology Act, 2000.
Without prejudice to any action under law for the time being in force, violation or breach of any of these terms and conditions shall entitle PBPL to terminate the said Services immediately and any such termination doesn’t restrict PBPL’s right to take action and/or seek remedy for any damages /costs resulting out of Customer’s such activities.

17. PBPL reserves the right to terminate any/all of the Services at any time without notice and further obligations to the Customer and without limiting any other remedies available to PBPL if any of the following events should occur:
a. Customer is in material breach of any of the terms or conditions mentioned herein.
b. Customer is found tampering or has tampered with any equipment and/or configuration of equipment of PBPL or provided by PBPL, without the prior written approval of PBPL.
c. Customer is found violating any act in force by illegal usage of PBPL Services.
d. In case of on-payment of dues by due date, re-activation will be done only after the payment is credited to the account of PBPL and PBPL reserves the right to charge an additional service re-activation fee and the Customer agrees to pay such charge.

18. PBPL shall not be liable for anyactof its agent and/or Business Associate outside the scope of Services.PBPL’sliability is limited to the Services rendered by it.

19. In view of providingan optimalquality of service in a fair manner to all Customers connected to its Network and Services, the Customer acknowledge and agree that PBPL shall have the right (but not the obligation) to monitor and apply policies to any and all transmission via the
Network and Services and that PBPL shall have the right and sole discretion to determine whether the transmission violates this Agreement and /or any prevailing Law, Directive, Regulation, and that the Customer shall abide by such determination.

20. The Customer shall also pay to PBPL any regulatory fees charged to PBPL by any Government

21. Authority, in connection with Services. “GST Act” shall mean any Act imposing or relating to the imposition or administration of the tax by State or Central government under State Good & Services Act (SGST), Central Goods & Services Act (CGST) or Integrated Goods & Services Act(IGST).

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